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Virginia Republican Says Wife Won’t Have Sex With Him After Abortion Debate

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By HVpolitics on February 24, 2012

Because, let’s face it, abortion politics is pretty hilarious, Virginia state delegate Dave Albo turned in three minutes of Catskills schtick on the House floor related to his involvement in a controversial bill that would force women to have an vaginal ultrasound before terminating pregnancies.

Perhaps this stand-up act was meant to lighten the mood after what has surely been a heavy, tense week of men deciding what’s best for women in the state. But, man, this is a little brutal.

“So I got my theme music going, my red wine, looking to watch the Redskins, and I’m flippin’ through the channels,” he said of efforts to seduce his wife after a long day of discussing state-sponsored rape. “I have to get through the news stuff and all of a sudden on my big screen TV comes this big thing and it’s a picture of a bill and it has ‘Albo’ on it. And I went, Wow! Holy smokes! It’s my name as big as the wall. And the very next scene was the gentleman from Alexandria’s face as big as my wall going ‘Trans-V brrb, Trans-V this and Trans-V that. And they hate women …’ and I’m like this [gestures] with my wife, and the show’s over and she looks at me and she goes, ‘I gotta go to bed.’”

In the end, his act is pretty funny. But should abortion politics be a punch line? What do you think?

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