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Vintage Swag Inspired by Cory Booker, Superman of the People

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By Bureau of Trade on April 17, 2012

Bureau of Trade scours the Web to find the world’s most unique merchandise for men. We’ll be featuring a daily find, paired with a notable piece of news — everything a man needs to get by.

A good man isn’t hard to find, but it does require a trip to Newark. Brick City’s mayor, Cory Booker, added “hero” to a résumé designed to make us all feel bad about ourselves.

The 43-year-old (hang in there, because we are about to dump a pile of concentrated badass on the front part of this sentence) former all-American football player from Stanford, Rhodes Scholar and Yale Law graduate, who won a seat on the city council at age 29 and promptly went on a hunger strike to protest drug violence at a housing project and then survived an assassination plot from the New Jersey Bloods … [deep breath] … ran into a burning house last Thursday to save the life of his neighbor’s daughter … after he had “an altercation” with a Newark Police Detective on the scene who, along with his security detail, didn’t want his city’s highest elected official to jump into a wall of fire … after he had put in a solid day’s work AS THE MAYOR OF NEWARK.

Really. We have nothing more to add to the hagiography of St. Booker, except to say that we have more hair than he does. Yeah, that didn’t make us feel any better. So, while we wallow in self-pity, here’s an ode to Mayor Cory Booker in four parts.

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