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Does This V-Neck Make Me Look Gay?

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By HVculture on September 14, 2012

The Malaysian Education Ministry has scorned one of the most powerful titans of industry with its latest doctoral thesis, “Identifying Gays: For Dummies,” in which it outlines the “symptoms” and warning signs of homosexuality and lesbianism in children.

No, it’s not the Koch brothers, but someone with greater power. The V-neck industry, which is headed by the titan of the low-cut tee, the CEO of American Apparel and proprietor of the lowest-slung shirts, Dov Charney.

In case you were wondering what the “symptoms of gays” are, so you could spot young homosexuals yourself, they include:

• A propensity for carrying a handbag
• Being in shape and having a muscular body
• Tight and lightly colored clothes
• Wearing V-Necks
• And, lastly, this one is tantamount to the whole equation, attraction to men

I ask honestly, does this look gay to you?

When asked for a response to the alleged symptoms of homosexuality, Charney offered up this image.


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