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Colbert Convinces USA Today to Change Logo to SpongeBob Eating Doritos at the Pentagon

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By HVmedia on September 20, 2012

USA Today’s redesign has turned heads for its perplexing new logo: a solid blue circle, which, according to Stephen Colbert, is also a pie chart representing the amount of people confused by it. The paper’s biggest challenge, he said, would be covering non-circular news. “If SpongeBob SquarePants ever chokes on a Dorito at the Pentagon,” Colbert said, “you won’t read about it in ‘The USA Today.'”

Challenge accepted. USA Today designed a new logo, which took the blue circle’s place in the Life section of Thursday’s print edition:


“We’ve had a bit of fun with Stephen Colbert’s challenge to us on how we’d cover non-circular news,” reads a post on USA Today’s Tumblr. “Here are the final two logos we built just for him, including a likeness of the comedian and his ultimate challenge: a story about SpongeBob SquarePants eating Doritos at the Pentagon.”

Stephen Colbert, blue himself:

We’re always skeptical of media dinosaurs trying hard to shed the old-pooh-bah image, but “The USA Today,” as Colbert dubbed it, is doing it right. Mad props to their design team.

Colbert, ball’s in your court.

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