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UPS Delivery Man Caught Stealing Girl’s Christmas Gift Off Front Porch

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By HVvids on December 21, 2012

Jay Alverson had purchased two Christmas gifts online and was expecting them for delivery on Wednesday, but there was only one gift when he arrived home that day. Alverson reviewed the security footage from the camera he has mounted on his front porch, only to find that both gifts had been delivered. The first, an iPad Mini for his daughter, was dropped off by FedEx that morning; the second gift had been delivered by UPS.

But then something strange happened: The UPS delivery man returned two minutes later to help himself to a little Christmas bonus.

It’s hard to say who has it worst during the the holiday season: retail workers, mall Santas, or the recipients of your godforsaken, annual eight-page Christmas letter. Perhaps the most thankless and often overlooked individuals are the delivery drivers. What with all the lazy last minute online shoppers needing gifts shipped yesterday, it’s understandable as to why they might not have the same Christmas spirit as the rest of us after 12 hour shifts. But, this video goes far beyond disgruntled employee or even Christmas Grinch.

When Alverson first tried to contact UPS to rectify the situation he got the run-around. But after posting this video on the web and getting his own form of Internet Justice, Alveson was quickly contacted. They said they would get him a replacement iPad that same day, and they saw to it that the seasonal delivery man was not only fired but charged with theft.

But it’s not just UPS that deserves coal in their stockings. You might remember last December when a FedEx delivery driver chucked a computer monitor over the gate instead of taking the time to ring the bell.

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