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Donald Trump Blames Errant ‘Bob Belichick’ Tweet on ‘Some Dope’

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By Brendan OConnor on December 11, 2012

Donald Trump on Monday tweeted his support of the New England Patriots organization, name-checking team owner Bob Kraft, quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Bob Belichick. Wait, who?

Within a couple hours, he deleted the errant tweet (the coach of the Patriots is, of course, ‘Bill’ Belichick, sports fans) and replaced it with another, correctly spelled one, but not before the original had been retweeted hundreds of times.

Today, he blamed it all on “some dope.”

What exactly is the Donald trying to say here? That someone else runs his Twitter account, and they got the message wrong? That someone took his second tweet, edited it so that it was wrong, and then tweeted that?

No, Donald. You tweeted your message incorrectly. You are the dope. #TheInternetNeverForgets

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