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Tornado! Must-See Surveillance Video From Alabama Walgreens

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By HVnews on December 26, 2012

Mother Nature’s crappy Christmas gift to the South was a weather pattern that spun off 34 possible tornadoes. Three people died — one each in Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma — but, amazingly, everyone in Alabama was safe, despite a funnel cloud that tore through the state and frightened holiday revelers. Check out this wild video from Fox10 in Mobile:

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Fox10 caught up with Walgreens employee Josh Holman:

“I was on the phone with my brother-in-law trying to get an update from him exactly when it hit,” Holman said.

“I was in the stock room, and transformers were popping out here and the lights were turning green outside from all the transformers popping,” he said, comparing the sound to “a washing machine full of rocks.”

Holman said the twister moved across the pharmacy’s parking lot from a nearby Autozone and shows vehicles’ windows being blown out as they are blown away by the storm.

“It was pretty intense,” he said.

Holman said the parking lot was littered with tin, glass and other debris lifted from buildings around the area.

Holman said, “I was just thankful I was alive because if it had been a hundred yards the other way it would have ripped through the middle of the store.”

Nasty. Just nasty.

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(AP Photo/G.M. Andrews)


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