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Too Nice: Obama Needs to Learn From Carlin, Hicks on How to Handle Hecklers

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By HVpolitics on March 22, 2012

A book-pimping heckler interrupted President Barack Obama’s speech on Thursday during a rally at THE Ohio State University. The mild-mannered president, clearly flustered but remaining calm, told the man, “You can hold your own rally.” He also maternally opined, “You’re being rude.”

That dudes lucky that POTUS didn’t go all George Carlin on him, screaming “Would somebody put a dick in that guy’s mouth, please? ‘Cuz that’s what she wants.”

THIS is how you handle a heckler (not even remotely safe for work):

Or maybe he should have gone all Bill Hicks on these women (also not safe for work):

Heck, Obama can even take a few notes from NJ Governor Chris Christie, who recently zinged: “You know, something may be going down tonight, but it ain’t going to be jobs, sweetheart.”

Can’t wait to see the Fox Nation comments: “WELL, HE’S RUDE TO US! SOCHIALIST!”

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