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The Economy Still Sucks, but Google Is Hiring a Full-Time Doodler

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By HVculture on April 17, 2012

The Guardian reports that Google is hiring a full-time employee to draw whimsical logos for holidays and special occasions and things.

First impressions matter. Every day, hundreds of millions of online users visit the Google homepage. Yes, to search. But also, to be delighted, informed, and surprised (And maybe even to laugh a little). The Google Doodle makes this possible — it’s the change that is constant on Google.com. As a Product Graphic Designer/Illustrator, more commonly known as a “Doodler,” you have the world’s best platform to showcase your stylistic skills — as well as your sense of humor, love of all things historical and imaginative artistry. From Jules Verne to Pac-Man, you have the reins to our brand and iconic logo and can run free with your innovative ideas. Go forth and doodle!

Wow. What a shitty-sounding job. I was thinking about quitting my night shift moppin’ spew at Belleview Hospital, but now that I know what’s out there, not anymore.

Imagine all the thinking you might be forced to do! Here are your responsibilities:

• Draw, design, and/or animate the highly visible Google homepage doodles.

• Come up with consistently excellent creative ideas within the constraints of the our logo.

• Manage complex collaborative projects from idea, to executive pitches, to final execution in a fast-paced environment.

• Design illustrations both digitally and traditionally and in a wide range of artistic styles with great attention to detail.

You’re saying you can actually make money from thinking whimsically? Pff. Nice try, Google. Everyone knows creativity isn’t sustainable.


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