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Holy Sh!t: Watch This UT Student Do Battle With a Bus (He Wins, He Lives)

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By HVnews on May 5, 2012

During a University of Texas tradition called “Foam Sword Friday,” an overzealous freshman took “bang bus” to a whole new level. As students staged mock battle, Yannick “Nick” Engmann jumped out into the crosswalk, only to get thrown several feet by the impact of an oncoming Capital Metro bus.

He bounced right up to his feet. Bus, you’ve met your match, and it’s a frosh in an Obama mask.

KXAN in Austin reports that Engmann was taken to the hospital but doesn’t appear to be seriously injured. The driver of the Capital Metro bus, a 21-year-old veteran behind the wheel, was issued a running-a-red-light ticket. An investigation is pending, and he was placed on administrative leave.

An update to the FSF Facebook page says Nick’s going to be just fine: “Hey guys. Nick Engmann is currently at the hospital doing absolutely fantastic. He’s alert and alive and will be out and about again in a few hours. Also, he says he’ll try and be back in time for the Undie Run.”

A Redditor named Sir_Jojo, who was “right there when it happened,” describes Nick as “a complete champion,” joking as he waited for the ambulance. He then provided this pic of the bus.

That bus is worse for wear. Nick has some scrapes, but he walks away with a great victory tale.

(via Reddit)


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