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Twitter Typo Turns Maryland Murder-Suicide Into Murder-Poop-Suicide

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By HVmedia on March 15, 2012

Wait. Stop everything. There’s a typo on the Interwebs.

But, hey, this particular typo brings some much-needed levity and gallows humor to a very tragic and sad story. On Tuesday morning in Kensington, Maryland, 36-year-old mother of six Heather Lynn McGuire was shot in the back of the head. Police began to suspect her estranged husband, Philip Gilberti. But by the time local police reached his home, Gilberti had already died of a self-inflicted gunshot.

Ben Freed at DCist spotted what happened when the local ABC affiliate tried to break that story:

That certainly tells quite a different story. Is it possible it’s true? Sure. But no details have emerged confirming or denying whether or not this man made a boom-boom before going bang-bang.

Also, what the hell is going on in the comments section of WJLA’s report?

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