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Syrian Rebels Shoot Down Army Helicopter

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By HVpolitics on August 27, 2012

Syrian violence has intensified following reports of a civilian massacre at the hands of government troops. Two hundred bodies were found in basements in the town of Daraya; hundreds more were reported killed by Bashar al-Assad’s soldiers.

On Monday, this Assad army helicopter was shot down over Damascus. The abundance of footage (see below) may have compelled the government to release a statement — an unusual move.

From The Atlantic:

Surprisingly, state TV confirmed that a helicopter had indeed crashed, but did not say it was shot down. It would be unusual for the government to admit such a failure, but perhaps it was unavoidable given the large number of eyewitnesses. The crash was captured on video from several different angles, though it isn’t clear or who exactly brought it down.

Will the U.S. get involved?

The push for military intervention in Syria has advanced over the last few weeks. President Obama (sort of) outlined what it would take for the U.S. to get involved, while French officials proposed setting up a partial no-fly zone over the country. The U.N. recently pulled their team of monitors out of the country after it was clear their presence wasn’t going to stop either side from fighting.

[The Atlantic]

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