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Stop What You’re Doing and Watch This Apache Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan

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By HVvids on March 21, 2012

Just for peace of mind sake, know that nobody died in this gnarly crash.

Stars & Stripes says the video appears to be real and probably happened last month:

The clip, making the rounds on YouTube and other video sharing sites this week, reportedly shows an AH-64 Army helicopter slamming into the ground after executing a steep turn. ISAF officials said Wednesday they believe the video shows a crash which occurred in Paktika province on Feb. 6, although they are still investigating who filmed and posted the clip.

In a statement, officials said that at the time of the incident, two helicopters were conducting overwatch for patrols picking up air-dropped supplies. One helicopter went down.

Amazingly, no crew members were killed and nobody on the ground was injured. Craisins.

For counter-balance, enjoy these two comforting videos involving Apaches:



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