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Hundreds of NYC Marathoners Help Sandy-Ravaged Staten Island

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By HVnews on November 4, 2012

Yet another amazing act of kindness in the wake of Sandy …

All pics via Brian Korb

Five-time NYC Marathon runner Brian Korb didn’t want city and race officials to postpone or cancel the 26.2-trek that begins on Staten Island.

“The devastation is terrible,” Korb wrote on Friday. “People have lost their homes and their lives in the wake of this week’s tragic events. On that, we can all agree. But we should run the marathon this Sunday.”

On Sunday, race day, Korb understood the decision after joining more than 500 marathoners and other runners to Sandy-ravaged Staten Island to give back. Organized on the “New York Runners in Support of Staten Island” Facebook page, the runners brought supplies to one of the hardest-hit areas, a borough that tragically accounted for about half of NYC’s 41 dead.

“After seeing this first hand, it’s tough to argue against canceling marathon,” Korb said Sunday. “With so many homes devasted and destroyed a mile from the starting line, they should have pulled the plug immediately, showed some pictures of the devastation and asked people to help.”

Help came dressed in orange on Sunday. But more help is needed: “They really do need people out there to help clean up and distribute supplies,” Korb said. “They seem to have a bunch of everything except work gloves and face masks, but the needs are constantly changing.”

How did Staten Island residents respond to the outpouring of support? “They were extremely gracious, and strong, too,” Korb said. “Many of them were saying ‘I’m sorry your marathon was canceled’ when they saw us in orange.”

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Coach Steve Mackel made this amazing video:

Special shot: Check out the “Never Forget 9/11” picture hanging on a tree outside a house belonging to an FDNY firefighter.

“This woman’s house was basically demolished, but she saved a picture from her daughter,” Korb says.

Filmmaker Casey Neistat also did some good for the people of Staten Island in the wake of the storm. Neistat took the $500 he was due to rake in from licensing real-time Sandy footage and bought clothes and food for those in need. Special guest appearance: hockey player Sean Avery.

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