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St. Peter: Mike Wallace’s Biggest Get Yet

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By HVmedia on April 8, 2012

“Oh no, not freakin’ Andy Rooney again.” –M. Wallace?

For five consecutive years in the late 1970s and early ’80s, CBS’ “60 Minutes” news program was the number-one rated show on television. Not just for news. For all TV. Number 1. Tops.

Given what scores well on television these days, it’s hard to imagine an era when investigative journalism could be the most riveting thing to watch. But that was the power of Mike Wallace, the man who pressed the famous and infamous alike, the leader of the team that made “60 Minutes” must-see TV.

Wallace, winner of 21 Emmy Awards, died on Saturday night in a health-care facility in Connecticut. He will be remembered for being a dogged interviewer and a devilishly handsome 93-year-old.

You’ll see some great clips of Wallace all day as the media pays tribute to one of its own, but you might not see this pop up everywhere. In 1967, Wallace introduces you to “The Homosexuals.”


Some great obits here:
Mike Wallace, CBS Pioneer of ‘60 Minutes,’ Dies at 93 [NYT] • 60 Minutes icon Mike Wallace dies at 93 [CBS] • Mike Wallace, Hard-Charging ‘60 Minutes’ Reporter, Dies at 93 [BusinessWeek]


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