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Somali Pirates Send Out Personalized Letters After Hijacking Your Ship

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By HVnews on August 14, 2012

Pop quiz: Your vessel has just been hijacked by Somali pirates — what do you do? Nope, whatever you’re thinking, it’s wrong. The correct answer in this situation is wait for an official form letter, with letterhead and all, from “Jamal’s Pirate Action Group” and follow instructions.

You had us at “Best regards.” You. Had. Us. At. “Best regards.”

Reuters notes: “In 2011 Somali piracy cost the world economy $7 billion and earned the pirates some $160 million in ransoms, according to a recent report by the International Maritime Bureau. Piracy is receding of late, but it is still a threat. The maritime bureau reported 69 hijacking incidents by Somali pirates between Jan. 1 and July 12, down 32 percent from last year.”

[The Daily What]

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