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Judge Makes Idiot Who Drove Around a School Bus Hold ‘Idiot’ Sign

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By HVnews on November 13, 2012


Six weeks ago, we saw a video that made us lose our faith in humanity, then asked the world an important question: Who would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus that’s unloading children?

A judge in Cleveland came to the same conclusion as we did: an idiot.

Thirty-two-year-old Shena Hardin was instructed to hold a sign that read ONLY AN IDIOT WOULD DRIVE ON THE SIDEWALK TO AVOID A SCHOOL BUS.

The AP:

A Cleveland Municipal Court judge ordered 32-year-old Shena Hardin to serve the highly public sentence for one hour Tuesday and Wednesday. She arrived bundled up against the 34-degree cold, puffing a cigarette, wearing head phones and avoiding comment as passing vehicles honked.

Satellite TV trucks were on hand to stream the event live near downtown Cleveland.

Hardin’s license was suspended for 30 days and she was ordered to pay $250 in court costs.

Shame. Public shame. Love it. Adults act like children and endanger children? Treat them like children. This judge deserves his or her own show.

Original vid here:

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