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Shark Week Fans Biting Their TVs: The Definitive Gallery

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By Cooper Fleishman on August 14, 2012

UPDATE: Shark Week is embracing the TV-biting trend. You win, Internet!

Discovery Channel asked Twitter to submit pictures of Shark Week fans “photochomping” their televisions (see above) for a free T-shirt.

Apparently nobody knew what they meant, because everyone just bit their TVs instead.

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Only one person in the entire Interweb did the real #photochomp.

Her name is Sarah.

This is what it looks like:

OK, never mind, biting your TV is way cooler.

Maybe it was a happy accident, because now photochomping — whatever it is — is a tried-and-true Shark Week tradition.

Just give these girls all the T-shirts. They asked nicely.

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