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Finally, Fox News Gets Scott Stapp’s Opinion on Election 2012

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By HVmedia on October 2, 2012

We spent about three minutes discussing potential “Scott Stapp talks politics” jokes here in the HyperVocal newsroom. Then we realized the only Scott Stapp joke you ever need is this: Scott Stapp.

If you’re the one person in America who gives a shit what the Creed frontman thinks about politics, then Fox & Friends is your place to be.

“I’m just disappointed,” Stapp said. “I had very high hopes and expectations and was really inspired by President Obama. And I still am, he’s an amazing speaker. But in my opinion, his administration [made] a lot of promises, but no real delivery … “My heart and soul would really love someone like Reagan or FDR to come back and give us a New Deal. Be bold, be committed, don’t care what anyone thinks. And when you tear down that wall, do it.”

He did not, however, fully endorse Romney.

Like we’re going to take political advice from a growler who turned the “Star-Spangled Banner” into a giant pile of dog turds.

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Stapp hung out backstage with Barry Sanders, which admittedly, is awesome:

via @BarrySanders

In case you needed a reminder, Creed shreds:

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