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Helluva Scary Drug: If Scopolamine Doesn’t Kill You, It Will Ruin Your Life

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By HVculture on May 12, 2012

“… Complete elimination of free will, while still acting, which is pretty much the scariest shit I can imagine …”

Scopolamine exists in popular culture as a kind of interrogatory truth serum or mind-control agent. In the real world, it’s usage only has two real purposes: to rob and to kill.

VICE’s Ryan Duffy traveled to Colombia to track down the elusive burundanga, to hear its wretched stories, to be personally mystified by its dark glory. Along his way, Duffy encounters drug dealers who serve as omniscient narrators and a few people who’ve suffered firsthand horrors from “The Devil’s Breath.” After a half-hour of relaying appropriately tall tales — scopolamine-coerced royalty submitting to being buried alive, conscious zombies helping robbers take their possessions — what does Duffy do when he finally gets his hands on the stuff? Set aside some time this weekend and watch this fascinating mini-documentary that the Colombian tourism and promotion board may not be psyched to see:

(via Gizmodo)


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