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‘Rap Weasel’ Ryan Leslie Burns N.Y. Post Front Page at Concert


Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer
December 2, 2012 at 10:56 am

Quick recap: R&B producer/singer-songwriter Ryan Leslie, who at the age of 14 scored a 1600 on his SATs and graduated Harvard College at 19, was dumb enough to offer a vague $1 million reward to recover his stolen laptop.

Leslie was on tour in Cologne, Germany, in November 2010 when the computer went missing. He immediately posted a $20,000 reward, as this laptop contained all his music and files. When that didn’t work, he upped the reward to $1 million. Eventually someone found it, but the hard drive wouldn’t load, so he welched on his promise. The finder, Armin Augstein, then sued Leslie in federal court, because, you know, a $1 million reward is a $1 million reward — pay up. The jury was like, yeah, you owe that dude money.

The New York Post, as it often does, went all in:

So Leslie did this on the Long Island University campus in Brooklyn:

And a YouTube commenter on this video nailed it:

Dude, you lost. It sucks. The whole thing sucks. But it’s over. And burning newspapers ain’t the answer. Start a payment plan now.

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