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The Best Tweet in Twitter History (Really) Happened on Father’s Day

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By HVentertainment on June 18, 2012

Ronan Farrow, the 24-year-old sole biological child of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow, is a smart dude.

He was accepted to Yale Law School at age 15. He has studied post-traumatic stress disorder in Kenya. He’s a Rhodes Scholar. He’s a human rights lawyer. He served as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Special Adviser for Global Youth Issues.

But it’s his sharp, inherited wit that won him the Internet over the weekend.

On Father’s Day, Farrow took to Twitter to mock his father’s odd marriage to his Soon-Yi Previn, who is also Ronan Farrow’s adopted sister. Ouch:


Farrow over the years has made it perfectly clear in the press that he has no desire to speak to his father in the wake of his father’s scandalous affair.

How did Ronan’s mother Mia react to that tweet. With a single ‘boom’:


If that’s not the best tweet in Twitter history, point us to something better.

[Top image via Avambo]

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