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Best Baseball Story of 2012: SF Pitcher Sergio Romo Gives Signed Ball to Young Dodgers Fan With Cancer

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By HVsports on October 5, 2012

It’s been an emotional week around the baseball world. In what was billed as the baseball story of the year, Adam Greenberg made a single plate appearance for the Miami Marlins, seven years after he was beaned with a fastball in the head during his big-league debut. Until his one at-bat, a strikeout, he was essentially a nonfiction Moonlight Graham.

For us, the best story of the 2012 baseball season came on its final day.

Sportsmanship is a virtue that is never limited to what happens on the field, or between players. If anything proves that statement’s truth, it’s the actions of San Francisco Giants relief pitcher Sergio Romo during a game Wednesday night against the rival Los Angeles Dodgers. In a Giants Misfit Tumblr post, one fan recounted the empathetic actions of the right-hander when he heard about a young Dodgers fan stricken with cancer:

During today’s game, in between innings, Sergio Romo had the entire bullpen sign a ball. He then walked over to the RF line and motioned to a Dodger fan in the stands. Turns out the guys young son is battling cancer. He carried his son down to the baseline (kid not strong enough to walk) and Romo gave him the ball. They took a few pics then all said a prayer together. After, Romo went back to the pen and cried for the entire inning.




Romo then Instagrammed this comment to him:

Sergio Romo’s Instagram

Here’s how he captioned it:

Cuz Baseball is just a game I play!! I love it but its still a game! #loveandappreciatelife

Redditor edaddyo weighed in on the Dodgers subreddit:

I saw this. It was pretty damn emotional. They shared a hug together for a good minute before he went back to the bullpen. Standing ovation from every fan around, didn’t matter if they were Giants fans or Dodgers fans.

And Jaye09 weighed in on the SF Giants subreddit:

I was at the game, just a few rows back from this happening and everyone was wondering what was going on. Then I saw the man carrying his son and figured it was something to do with giving him a ball, etc

Even in Dodger Stadium, Every single section around that could see what was going on stood and cheered for that.

So far, no video of this selfless act has surfaced.

Check out this thread to read more. It contains this mysterious post: “Cancer hits close to home for Sergio. I know this personally.”

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