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Road Ragey Bus Driver Goes Full Mario Kart, Intentionally Swerves Into Slow-Ass Cyclist

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By HVnews on February 17, 2012

“And THAT’S why you always wear a helmet.” —J. Walter Weatherman

A bus driver in the United Kingdom has been jailed for 17 months for going full Mario Kart on the cyclist pedaling ahead of him. Accidents happen, right? Yeah, this was no accident. This is straight up assault. Fortunately, the judge thought so too.

Driver Gavin Hill, 29, moving slowly behind cyclist Phillip Mead, rears suddenly to the right and then lurches left to strike the 43-year-old bike rider and send him flying into the road. Mead was left with “fractures to his left wrist and leg, which needed to be plated, and to his thumb,” says the Irish Times.

What are these “bike lanes” I hear everyone talking about? You mean all you’d have to do to make shit like this not happen is to paint the side of the road? Sign me up!

And angry British drivers used to be so polite.

(via The Big Lead)



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