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Rita Wilson, Light of My Life, Debuts Awesomesauce Solo Album

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By Julia Drake on May 16, 2012

Rita Wilson’s film career spans over 40 years, and yet she is best known for her marriage to beloved film star — and the guy everyone would choose to be their celebrity dad (or maybe that’s just me) — Tom Hanks. With the recent release of her first album, AM/FM, I am here to say it is high time for Rita’s moment in the spotlight.

I suggest you take a moment to check out the album of the better half of one of America’s Favorite Hollywood Couples. And you should take my advice very seriously, because Rita has held a special place in my heart for years. She is always the “person” I use first when playing everyone’s favorite game to pass the time while waiting for your food to arrive at Olive Garden, 20 Questions. It used to be a sort of inside joke between me, myself and I: Rita Wilson, yes, THAT’S who I’ll pick! This game could take all night!

I was literally the only 12-year-old around familiar enough with Rita’s filmography that her name was constantly fresh on my mind. I loved her in Sleepless in Seattle. Her shy, homebody character, Chrissy DeWitt, in Now and Then totally resonated with me.

But after 20 years as an avid 20 Questions player and Rita Wilson fan, I was bothered that my friends and family weren’t guessing her within 10 to 15 questions of the game. She isn’t THAT abstract, and also DO YOU PEOPLE NOT KNOW ME AT ALL? It’s been my goal for some time to spread the good word about Mrs. Wilson. And she is making it really easy for me by releasing this album.

AM/FM consists of covers of primarily soft rock hits from the ’60s and ’70s. I was initially nervous and unsure of what to expect. How many actresses-turned-singers have really had that much success? My ears are still aching from Scarlett Johansson’s turn at the mic. But Rita’s soft, steady voice is a eminently tolerable. She totally brings her A game.

My personal fave: Her rendition of We Five’s hit “You Were on My Mind.”


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