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RIP Hector Camacho, Larry Hagman … Which Third Will Join Them?

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By HVnews on November 24, 2012

If these things come in threes, someone’s on the clock …

Hector “Macho” Camacho, the 50-year-old flamboyant boxer who famously said “From now on I’m going to dominate this game” after claiming his second belt in 1985, died on Saturday in his native Puerto Rico. Camacho, whose professional record was 79-6-3 with 38 knockouts, was shot in the face on Tuesday night while sitting in a parked car. He was taken off life support.

Camacho in 1986 — AP Photo/Alan Diaz

Larry Hagman, the 81-year-old fictional oil barron who was once the very center of the cultural zeitgeist after being shot on screen in 1980, died on Friday after a long battle with cancer. His Dallas television wife, Linda Gray, was among those by his bedside when he passed.

Hagman in 1978 — AP Photo

Watch out, famous people … He’s coming for someone.

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