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Rick Springfield Leads NYC Subway Karaoke, ‘Jessie’s Girl’ Sing-Along

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By HVentertainment on October 11, 2012


Rick Springfield may be 63 years old and 30 years removed from his heyday atop the Billboard charts, but the Australian singer-songwriter knows how to guerrilla market the shit out of an album in 2012.

Springfield’s “Songs For the End of the World” came out on Tuesday, and to promote the album, the Aussie rocker went underground in New York City to lead subway patrons in a sing-along to his #1 hit “Jessie’s Girl” and other tunes on the platform and the train itself. (Drugged-up Alfred Molina in a creepy sex robe did not make an appearance.)

Springfield on Tuesday night teased his 116,000 Facebook fans with this: “Rick’s making you late to work in NYC starting at the 34th Street subway station! Then uptown on the 1 trainwith more stops! Follow Rick on Twitter for real time updates! #ricknyc.”

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Then, true to his social media team’s word, Twitter informed his 23,000+ followers of Rick’s every movement on Wednesday morning starting at 8 am, following him from 34th Street to the 1 train uptown. All of the footage was then uploaded to YouTube. Not bad, Springfield. Not bad.

Now do a Reddit AMA and you’re the 63-year-old King of Social Media.

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