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Cheated-On Dude Sells Radiohead Tickets, Gets Aaron Paul

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By HVculture on October 9, 2012

An angry bloke in London who found out his girlfriend had cheated on him (twice) put two Radiohead tickets up for sale with one caveat: the buyers must be attractive women who will pose for pictures to make the ex “inconceivably outraged.”

He’ll get more than he bargained for on Wednesday: Someone tipped off Emmy-winning Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, who happens to be spending his U.K. sojourn hanging out with people at Radiohead shows (hey, Pierce Brosnan!) and tweeting about it.

Aaron Paul’s now making it his mission to hang out with this dude, whoever he is, and his Gumtree harem. Hopefully tweeting out his exact seat location won’t prove to be a mistake …

Look forward to a methylamine tanker’s worth of Twitpics tomorrow!

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photo via gage skidmore

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