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What Does Putin’s Presidential Victory Tell Us? Mostly That Google Translate Sucks At Russian

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on March 5, 2012

Russian groundhogs saw their shadow, so get ready six more years of Putin.

To the surprise of nobody who has ever heard the word ‘Russia,’ Vladimir Putin claimed victory in the country’s presidential election and will now serve as head of state for the next six years. Putin has already served two four-year terms as president and one four-year term as prime minister.

In a parody of his first 12 years at the head of the Russian table, one enterprising YouTuber spoofed Noah Kalina’s famous “one pic a day for 6 years” video that made the rounds in 2006. Only egorzhgun decided to use The Simpsons‘ Mr. Burns as his stand-in for Putin. How you say, awesome.

The video has already racked up 1 million views, but judging from the all-Cyrillic comment section, it’s safe to assume this hasn’t really hit the United States yet. We really wanted to see what people were saying about it, but Google Translate is really shoddy with the Russian alphabet. The results:

• “Someone here wrote, ‘We work more and everything will be good!’ To whom, at his uncle, who will send you to the dick, and just pay only half that salary, and after that you’re going to make ends meet on a miserable pension, if she would do. The company closes the plant and the pension you can not see. Or stick to the factory for 10trub? So it work?. Not everyone, after all, sitting in the offices. It does not work – it is slavery!”

• “Heh))) I have long been a school with a medal finished))) But you seem to shkolota)))”


• “About selling the Western whore ki .. as usual in his repertoire. )))) Broken off with the ki … but now with a hole gush)))”

• “making cartoons, and are doing. Fuck you? -_-”

• “Now run across bandrlogi nashistskie, we will be pushing the benefits of fishing season and about what we are bad, and only themselves to blame”

• “No you did not change on blyudichke will hand, fight for them ourselves, to begin with enough thump and do all this slop bucket! Remember, the prices at the moment will never fall, but wages did not rise.”

This one — “Medvedev straight Benjamin button …” — may seem weird, but that’s probably dead-on.

On a somewhat related note to the above post, HyperVocal comrade Cort Bortnicker (of Malcolm Gladwell Book Generator fame) sent us this video titled simply “For Vlad.” The thought process: “I like the idea of doing a series of lovely, romantic songs set to slideshows of strongmen dictators. This is the first in the series. It might be funny, or it might be totally stupid.” Our vote is for ‘stupidly funny.’

(Simpsons vid via Storyful; For Vlad vid via Cory Bortnicker)

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