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President Obama Gives 5th Grader Best Absence Note Ever

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By Distriction on June 2, 2012

President Barack Obama hosted six separate fundraisers in Minnesota and Chicago on Friday. But before he counted his new-found cash, Obama made an official presidential visit to a Honeywell factory in a Minneapolis suburb.

There, he was introduced by Ryan Sullivan, a new employee at the factory. Ryan’s son Tyler missed school to see his dad introduce the president, so Obama wrote him what just may be the best absence note ever collected by a 5th grader. Try punishing the kid for truancy now.

FOX Nation must be positively freaking out about that Big Government Liberal interfering with our children’s education.

The text, if you prefer non-cursive:

Mr. Ackerson-
Please Excuse Tyler … he was with me!
Barack Obama

Look at how perfect that ellipsis is! That’s why he’s the president.

[Image via Fox Twin Cities]

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UPDATE: Watch the Sullivans explain what happened on CNN:

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By the way, this isn’t the first time Obama has bailed out a kid missing school:


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