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Playboy Model Cracks ‘Too Soon?’ Aurora Joke; Deadmau5 Plays Hero

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By HVculture on July 21, 2012


Hours after 24-year-old gunman James Holmes, dressed as the Joker, kicked open an emergency-exit door in a Colorado movie theater and shot dozens of people, killing 12, Twitter was already making jokes about how people were just “dying” to see The Dark Knight Rises. One of those jokesters was Playboy model Tricia Evans, a.k.a. @HollywoodTricia.

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Here was her tweet:

“Too soon?”

Naturally, the “whore” insults and death/rape threats came spilling in. People sent her gruesome pictures of gunshot victims.

… Which made her feel like a misunderstood martyr.

One of her harshest critics, oddly, was Deadmau5, a popular DJ who wears a big round mouse head.

His words hurt.

What did we learn today? Probably nothing. People are people; humor is subjective; Twitter is a clusterfuck of bad taste and impotent white-knighting (not to mention corporate PR teams who say #Aurora is trending because of a dress). This is why we can’t have anything nice.

Actually, we did learn something today. Something vital. It’s that Tricia Evans’ modeling portfolio is crazier than a soup sandwich. Seriously, it’s a head-scratcher. See the gallery — with some other choice shots — below. Warning: Risque, but no nudity (sorry).

[imagebrowser=43] Source: Myspace, Facebook

Who’s the creepy beardo photographer in the very last picture? Why, none other than culturally irrelevant douchelord Spencer Pratt, husband of Heidi!

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