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Ghosts of Pepsi and Michael Jackson Team Up for Brand-Saving Marketing Campaign

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By HVculture on May 3, 2012

Dead musicians are making a comeback left and right. First it was Tupac, then Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, and now it’s — wait for it — Michael Jackson. Only the King of Pop won’t be resurrected as a hologram. He’ll be plastered on 1 billion Pepsi cans.

Some might recall that Jackson was a spokesman for Pepsi during the 1980s — and suffered severe burns from an onstage pyrotechnic mishap while filming a commercial for the brand. Pepsi made a deal with Jackson’s estate in 2009, and will be incorporating Jackson and his music into a series of jingles, live events and merchandise this year. (What, no hologram?)

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If it feels exploitative, that’s because it kind of is. It’s also kind of depressing. Pepsi would like us all to go back to a time when people liked Pepsi. The drink’s relationship with MJ had been strained since he almost died promoting it, but now he’s dead and they can use him however they want. Dead stars are just easier to work with.

All disguised as an Instagram-filtered tribute to a fallen star — which is ironic, because the marketing campaign is called “Live for Now.”

Who wants a water?

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