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College Football Player Apologizes For Racist Anti-Obama Tweet

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By HVsports on December 18, 2012

Bradley Patterson learned the hard way: Internet Justice is swift.

The walk-on long snapper at Division II University of North Alabama didn’t like seeing President Obama talking about the Newtown school shooting on his NBC dial instead of the highly anticipated New England Patriots and San Francisco 49ers game, so he fired off this unapologetically racist tweet:

Someone alerted University of North Alabama athletic director Mark Linder of Patterson’s missive, and UNA officials acted quickly.

Patterson then apologized to his team, to his school, to Obama.

He shared a message to his former teammates – a group of men he once fought so hard to be a part of.

“I just want to tell them I’m sorry for everything that went on. I really ain’t like that. I ain’t racist. I wasn’t thinking last night when I put it on there, but I’m sorry to all the guys. I let them down and just don’t give up on me,” Patterson said.

He also wants to apologize to President Obama.

“I want to apologize to President Obama for my outbreak last night. What I said was uncalled for, but I didn’t even stop to think what he was saying before it was sent. If I could go back right now, I would change it. I wouldn’t hesitate to do so,” he said.

It’s nice to see what looked like a sincere apology. Learning!

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