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Obama vs. Romney, Round III

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By HVnews on October 22, 2012

Obama vs. Romney. Round 3. Fight.

Could Obama actually lose this thing because of a debate?

ODB fans, here’s your new favorite wacked-out Romney parody: “Where You Hide Your Money.”

What Obama and Romney would sound like applying to a real job.

Read this kid’s amazing love letter to bacon.

Cats playing with desk toys: kind of aggravating.

Punk-rock dads documentary The Other F-Word is turning into a Jason Segel–fronted comedy.

Lindsay Lohan asks Twitter a serious question: wtf is emma stone?

Inspiring photos from vintage Ikea catalogs.

Great Halloween dog costume or greatest Halloween dog costume?

Could this be the world’s tiniest dog?

Speaking of pups, here’s an amazing photo gallery from NYC’s Halloween Dog Parade.

… And another gallery!

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