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Obama Sings Taylor Swift’s Latest Single and Other Web Goodness

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By Greg Seals on September 4, 2012

Thanks to Youtube user PIMPmySPEECH Obama is serenading you with a harmonious haunting rendition of Taylor Swift’s latest single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” Hilarious, but slightly unlistenable.

The economics of ergonomics: By spending over a thousand dollars per chair, bureaucrats have put themselves in the hot seat. [TheDaily]

Learn how to maintain a moustache and other manly things with the 30 important things we learned from Nick Offerman’s Reddit AMA. [WarmingGlow]

What’s more shocking than the fact that Nic Cage owed a video store $224 in late fees? A physical store still exists where you can rent movies. [FilmDrunk]

Minnesota casino breaks the world record for world’s largest cheeseburger, subsequently giving thousands of starving children a 2-ton slap in the face. [WithLeather]

Marvel’s superheroes will save you from the recession! [RobotMutant]

A brave Malaysian woman uses Youtube to break her silence about domestic violence by posting security camera footage of her being abused. [DailyDot]

If you’re at the DNC this week have some fun and play along with the Official DNC Scavenger Hunt. [MotherJones]

Watch this completely naked man emerge from the woods to steal your 15 minutes of fame and interrupt your local news interview. [BroBible]

Where’s the beef? McDonalds in India has gone vegetarian. [DeathandTaxes]

Skrillex scores this Labor Day boating crash garunteeing laughs. [TheDailyWhat]

Bob the Builder goes berzerk as he crashes his bulldozer into several parked cars. [DAPS]

This infographic about patient safety throughout history will make you thankful you’re living in the 21st century. [EnvironmentalGraffiti]

Thermal imaging technology could have drunks blushing, as it’s being used to distinguish drunks. [Geekosystem]

Watch the “BAMF Girls Club.” This parody of the “Bad Girls Club” combines pop cultures bravest and brassiest heroines under one roof. [Flavorwire]

Way to go Montana! The University of Montana has instituted the first online video tutorial and quiz about the “myths and facts” of sexual assault which student must score a 100% on before they are allowed to register for class. [TheFrisky]

Kal Penn of “Harold and Kumar” fame is hosting DNC coverage for BarackObama.com. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get too baked and forget. [PaperMag]

Russell Crowe, star of the hit film “Master and Commander,” might not be such a commanding captain after all. He was briefly stranded at sea but got some help from the Coast Guard. [Hollywire]

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