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Here’s President Obama’s ‘Meet the Press’ Interview With David Gregory

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on December 30, 2012

On those rare occasions when President Barack Obama *really* needs to sell something, he indulges us with a Meet the Press appearance.

The president on Sunday joined fugitive host David Gregory for an exclusive chat ahead of the so-called fiscal cliff deadline. It marked Obama’s 11th time on MTP, but only his second as president. The first came in September 2009, when Obama was selling his comprehensive health-care reform plan. This time, he’s not so much selling specific policy or an immediate action on the fiscal cliff as he is selling himself as the only rational man in Washington DC, something he’s tried to impart on the nation for four years.

Gregory and Obama also discussed Newtown, gun legislation, immigration reform, Chuck Hagel and more. Watch:

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