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Obama’s ‘Can’t Change Washington’ Isn’t a Gaffe, Pilkington Says

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By HVpolitics on September 21, 2012

While Mitt Romney spent his week dealing with 47 Percent fallout, President Obama is now forced to play defense following Thursday’s Univision town hall. Many prominent media members were quick to label Obama’s “You can’t change Washington from the inside” a gaffe, but Guardian US chief reporter Ed Pilkington (@edpilkington) says that’s nonsense: “Obviously he hasn’t changed Washington, and nobody thinks that he has.”

Listen to Pilkington explain his reasoning on Thursday’s episode of Politics Powered By Twitter, along with some thoughts on whether Gov. Gary Johnson can play spoiler in November.

Also on PPT on Thursday, 9/20/12: More on Obama at Univision town hall, Romney goes on the attack afterward but said the very same thing in 2007, Tim Pawlenty abandons Romney’s ship (for Wall Street!), the number 47 appearing everywhere, Whoopi Goldberg slams Mr. Romney, and GOP consultant Matt Mackowiak (@mattmakowiak) tells us what Romney has to do at or before the debates to change the story.

Tune in daily 6-7 pm ET (replay: 9-10) on SiriusXM POTUS 124.

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