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Odd Correction: Alleged Terrorist Had Strawberry Frappe, Not Mango Juice

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By HVmedia on October 19, 2012

Perhaps this New York Times correction might not be so odd …

An earlier version of this article described incorrectly a beverage that Ahmed Abu Khattala was drinking at a hotel in Benghazi, Libya. It was a strawberry frappe, not mango juice, which is what he had ordered.

…if the Ahmed Abu Khattala drinking a strawberry frappe on a luxury hotel patio wasn’t being described as one of the ringleaders of the Benghazi attack on 9/11 that left four Americans dead, including Amb. Chris Stevens.

That sounds like the title of a Murder, She Wrote episode: “The Terrorist Drank a Strawberry Frappe.” Solve it, Ms. Fletcher.

The article itself, about how this alleged terrorist is just laughing at the West, the United States, is a chilling read. Get on it.

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