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Never Change, New York Post

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on July 15, 2012

Former congressman Anthony Weiner is mulling a return to political life, according to an exclusive report in the New York Post on Sunday.

As with all the Post‘s covers, this one screams subtle:

Never change, Post writers! Seriously, never change. That’s some amazing weekend fodder for Headlines That Suck.

Think that’s bad? Here’s the Post‘s web URL: nypost.com/p/news/local/re_erection_campaign_Gppuedd8V87J5NCUQGHRoO

Re-erection campaign! Never change, indeed.

The Post reports:

The disgraced former congressman — who’s sitting on a $4.5 million campaign war chest — is mulling a bid for citywide office next year and “seriously considering” a mayoral run, multiple sources told The Post.

The cocky pol is also open to the post of public advocate as a backup plan, said sources, who described the Queens Democrat as “desperate” to get back into politics.

The buzz in political circles is that the sext-happy Weiner has a better shot at public advocate — a $165,000-a-year job viewed as a “cleansing” post where he could put his character issues further behind him as he prepped for a 2017 mayoral run.

“The general feeling is that you can’t text pictures of your penis to a girl, then lie about it, then get kicked out of the House and then run for mayor right after,” said a political consultant. “But people believe there is a way for him to run for a lesser office.”

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Also, BuzzFeed reports that Weiner returned to Facebook this weekend:


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