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Internet Mourns Death of Real-Life Nyan Cat, and Other Web Goodness

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By HVentertainment on November 2, 2012

Sadly, the real-life Nyan cat in no longer. Marty, the Russian blue who the popular meme Nyan cat was based on, passed away late Thursday night from Feline Infectious Peritonitis.

Marty, you may be gone from this earth, but you’ll live on in the heart of Tumblr forever.

Lower Manhattan may still be without power in the wake of Sandy, but that didn’t stop some 800 people from lining up to buy the iPad Mini.

A former Playboy Brazil model won’t let a superstorm stop her, posing seductively among the devastation of Sandy for a photo shoot. Classy!

Prepare yourself for the epic nerd awesomeness that is a Breaking Bad themed episode of Mythbusters featuring Aaron Paul. Yeah, bitch!

Ryan Lochte sounds like he is hooked on phonics in this ad for Nissan.

Here is a frightening look at what Jennifer Aniston might look like if she had never become famous.

Louis C.K. told Jimmy Fallon last night that he’s worried about how he’ll do as host of this weekend’s SNL, but we have all the faith in the world he’ll kill it.

Piracy doesn’t pay. A Virginia man was fined $1.5 million dollars for sharing gay porn on a torrent site.

Reverse trick or treating has to be the biggest Halloween mind fuck ever.

Ashlee Simpson is returning to the music career you forgot she ever had.

The only set of info graphics you’ll need when it comes to voting about reproductive rights and lady parts.

Some iconic product logos get post-apocalyptic zombie makeovers.

Now that Halloween is over, here are 5 was to destroy your jack-o-lanterns before they melt on your front porch.

Christopher Waltz will star as an Interpol inspector in the next Muppets movie, possibly titled The Muppets Get Deported. We can hardly wait!

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