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GUN NUT! When You’ve Lost the N.Y. Post, You’ve Gone Too Far

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By HVmedia on December 22, 2012

The New York Post gleefully and loudly endorsed Mitt Romney. When Romney beat the pants off President Obama at the first debate, you could have read “Massacre leaves liberals in tears” on its op-ed page.

The Rupert Murdoch-owned tabloid may be liberal in its use of deceased people on its front covers, but politically it is about as conservative as a New York newspaper can get. That’s why this Saturday cover about the NRA’s absurd blame-you statement hits home … hard.

Perhaps we should have seen this coming … then again, it’s not as if Fox News has picked up Murdoch’s torch and run with it.

The Onion Nailed the NRA’s Sandy Hook Statement Way Back in May
NRA’s ‘Meaningful Contribution’: An Armed Cop In Every School

The New York Daily News joined in the fun:


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