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Nursing Home Meth Lab Fire: This Is So Something Pinkman Would Do

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By Cooper Fleishman on March 6, 2012

I know we can’t all have Gus Fring–style underground superlabs, but seriously? An Ohio nursing home? I know a lot about meth, and I can confirm that this is the last place you’d expect a struggling family man to start cooking crystal to raise money for cancer treatments, which is always why people become drug kingpins.

Fortunately, only one person was killed, although he was half the age of most of the residents. The building evacuated in time, but Shaun Warrens, 31, didn’t make it out. The cause of death — and hopefully, whether Warrens was a nursing-home volunteer or meth cook — will be released Tuesday, and then we can decide how to feel about this and whether Vince Gilligan ought to be taking notes.

(photo: Ashtabula Fire Department)



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