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Austin Restaurateur Half-asses Apology Over Inhuman Newtown Post

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By HVnews on December 18, 2012

Eddie Nimibutr, the outspoken chef and owner of Thai Noodle House in Austin, Texas, wasted no time and spared no tact following the Sandy Hook shootings on Friday. Nimibutr posted this Facebook status only hours after 26 people lost their lives — 20 of them children — in Newtown.

After much outcry over the unfeeling status, he deleted the initial post, but clearly wasn’t remorseful about doing so. Nimibutr followed up with:

“You think you know me? You don’t have a clue. I will not apologize.”

“If you don’t like me or my opinions, I suggest you to unfriend me and fuck off. I am pretty much sick of some people telling me what to think, how to think, or how to feel today, and if you don’t like my foods, fuck off and eat someplace else.”

And it looks like that’s just what people are doing. The Yelp page for Thai Noodles Etc House has since received 82 reviews since Friday, almost doubling its total number of reviews.

A Facebook page has sprung up titled “Boycott Thai Noodle House and Demand Apology from Eddie Nimibutr” and has received hundreds of likes. Talks of a protest have been echoing on both Yelp and Facebook.

KEYE-TV spoke to Nimibutr in an exclusive interview on Monday. He says he’s been receiving threats of violence, and even death, with people driving by both his home and his business as the story has spread virally. He chose to hide his face on air for safety. Click the photo below for the video.

Finally choosing to stop being so petulant about his tasteless Newtown comments, Nimibutr offered up this tempered apology:

“I do apologize, because maybe it was a little insensitive to write something like that, right that day the day of the shooting.”

Now was that so hard? The posting of the interview on the Facebook boycott page doesn’t seem to be satiating anyone’s appetite for a truly heartfelt apology, though. The future of his business remains to be seen, but Monday its doors were closed and lights were off, as the establishment has received an outpouring of phone calls decrying the actions of its owner.

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