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Watch This One-Legged Soccer Player’s Astounding Corner-Kick Goal

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By HVsports on September 26, 2012

My jaw actually unhinged and broke free from the rest of my face when I saw this video: Nicolai “Nico” Calabria, a high school senior playing for the Concord-Carlisle (Mass.) High soccer team, flawlessly scores off a corner kick.

It’s a stunning shot. But that’s not why it’s so incredible. Watch the video here: Calabria has one leg, and performed the leaping midair shot balanced on his crutches.

The kid also plays on the U.S. amputee national team in addition to his high school wrestling squad. At age 13, he climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro.

“I played four years of Division 1 college soccer — two of which actually on the field — and never saw a single person hit a ball so clean off the volley from a corner,” writes USA Today’s Mike Foss. “Then to watch a guy with one leg pull it off — incredible.”

We couldn’t stop rewinding the video, so we just GIF’d it for ya.

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