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Yet Another Video Exposes Voting-Machine Problems in Pennsylvania

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By HVvids on November 6, 2012

“I took this video with my iPhone while trying to vote this morning,” writes Andy Hirsch on Vimeo. “This is in Union County, Pa. As I mention in the video, after I mentioned the problem, election volunteers took the machine out of commission and contacted the Union County Board of Elections.”

It’s yet another machine in Pennsylvania making it impossible to vote for Democratic candidates.

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Good to know the poll workers are responding quickly and well. It’s worth stressing that there’s no evidence of malfeasance, and all signs point to malfunctioning tech. As Hirsch writes, “I just want to let others know this sort of thing is happening, and make sure that, no matter who you intend to vote for, your ballot accurately reflects your choice.”

Watch the other video here.

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Hat tip to Justin Kanew.

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