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NASA Tells You Why the World Won’t End December 21, 2012

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By HVentertainment on December 12, 2012

Click here for a handy and hilarious guide to the 12/21/12 Mayan Apocalypse.

Those fine brains over at NASA are so confident in their prediction that the world won’t come to a firey, bloody end by the hands of Courtney Stodden on December 21st, as the Mayan prophecy predicted, that they made a video to watch the day after. [ClipNation]

Nick Cannon masturbates to Mariah Carey’s music. Good luck listening to your favorite Mimi holiday track now. [TheFrisky]

• You betta’ werq! Learn how to strut like a pro with this instructional drum major video. [VideoGum]

Neil Patrick Harris is so awesome that he dreams in puppets. Watch his latest web brilliance here. [RobotMutant]

• Who needs CGI? Watch an iceberg the size of Manhattan break apart and have your mind blown. [BroBible]

Mean Girls of Capitol Hill is the direct to DVD parody that needs to happen. [TheDaily]

• Here’s a robot that can fold clothing. Y’know, if Pixar was looking for inspiration for a Wall-E sequel. [TheMarySue]

• A local meteorologist was fired for her eloquent response to a racist Facebook comment about her hair. [TheDailyDot]

• A few prom portraits that won’t have their subjects cringing in 20 years. [Flavorwire]

• An Amsterdam mayor banned smoking pot in public schools. So much for that Dutch adaptation of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.[DeathandTaxes]

• The birth of this painted butterfly is the most beautiful thing you’ll see all day. [EnvironmentalGraffiti]

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