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Nakey Gaga, Pedo Pop Stars, Baby Road Rage: Web Goodness, Do/Dump/Marry Edition


By Greg Seals
September 25, 2012 at 6:30 pm

We’re still showcasing the best the Web has to offer, but now we’re breaking down the best links on the net into three simple categories: F*ck, Marry and Kill — the sexy, the cool and the loathsome.


Check out these sexy-ass publicity photos of Christian Bale and Heath Ledger for The Dark Knight Rises. [Robot Mutant]

Lady Gaga responds to weight-shaming critics by posting half-naked self pics and fessing up to her eating disorders. [The Daily]

Winona Ryder might reprise her role in Beetlejuice 2. [Videogum]

Even at 66, Al Bundy can still totally kick your ass. Watch this video of Ed O’Neill practicing MMA. [WarmingGlow]

The honest trailer for The Avengers is the best piece of cinema you’ll see all day. [FilmDrunk]


Road rage is actually adorable when it comes from the mouthes of tiny British babies. [The Daily What]

Read the harrowing account of how one man trolled Walmart into exiling Pitbull to Alaska. [ThePhoenix]

The 10 oldest people in history. [EG]


A University of Tennessee frat bro hospitalized after butt-chugging wine. This gives new meaning to the phrase “drunk off your ass.” Now, who wants to get Franzia colonics? They’re two for one on Groupon! [TheFrisky]

Being rich isn’t that tough after all? Come on, just try finding a decent architect for your eighth house. [MoJo]

A Chinese pop star is dating someone half his age. He’s 24. She’s 12. [DailyLife]

Here are some photos of Ryan Lochte hanging out with The Situation to make you lose any shred of remaining respect you had for him. [WithLeather]

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