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Nakey Gaga, Pedo Pop Stars, Baby Road Rage: Web Goodness, Do/Dump/Marry Edition

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By Greg Seals on September 25, 2012

We’re still showcasing the best the Web has to offer, but now we’re breaking down the best links on the net into three simple categories: F*ck, Marry and Kill — the sexy, the cool and the loathsome.


Check out these sexy-ass publicity photos of Christian Bale and Heath Ledger for The Dark Knight Rises. [Robot Mutant]

Lady Gaga responds to weight-shaming critics by posting half-naked self pics and fessing up to her eating disorders. [The Daily]

Winona Ryder might reprise her role in Beetlejuice 2. [Videogum]

Even at 66, Al Bundy can still totally kick your ass. Watch this video of Ed O’Neill practicing MMA. [WarmingGlow]

The honest trailer for The Avengers is the best piece of cinema you’ll see all day. [FilmDrunk]


Road rage is actually adorable when it comes from the mouthes of tiny British babies. [The Daily What]

Read the harrowing account of how one man trolled Walmart into exiling Pitbull to Alaska. [ThePhoenix]

The 10 oldest people in history. [EG]


A University of Tennessee frat bro hospitalized after butt-chugging wine. This gives new meaning to the phrase “drunk off your ass.” Now, who wants to get Franzia colonics? They’re two for one on Groupon! [TheFrisky]

Being rich isn’t that tough after all? Come on, just try finding a decent architect for your eighth house. [MoJo]

A Chinese pop star is dating someone half his age. He’s 24. She’s 12. [DailyLife]

Here are some photos of Ryan Lochte hanging out with The Situation to make you lose any shred of remaining respect you had for him. [WithLeather]

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