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MMA Fighter Live-Tweets Attempted Mugging While Kicking Ass

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By HVsports on September 7, 2012

Renzo Gracie is not only an MMA fighter, but also a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and an ADCC Submission Wrestling Gold medalist. His body, you’ll guess, is a very powerful weapon, and he’s certainly someone you wouldn’t want to attempt to mug on a Thursday night in New York City. But that’s what allegedly happened, according to Gracie’s Twitter account.

The incident unfolded like this: Gracie was walking in Manhattan when he noticed he was being followed by two gentleman, who he believed had the intent to mug or attack him.

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The men approached Gracie on the pretense of asking for a cigarette, and that’s when he decided to unleash the fury of his fists on one of them. The other, brilliantly, fled.

After administering some Mortal Kombat-style justice on one of the men, he Twitpic’d the downed assailant for added social media-based embarrassment.

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Gracie then went in search of the second alleged assailant, found him and administered an even harsher punishment than he gave the first man, presumably for fleeing the scene.

So there you have it — Gracie’s tweets leave some rather large holes in the incident, as well as much room for debate about the motivation of these two men. Gracie never said that these men threatened him, only that they asked for a cigarette. Was he looking for a fight, as might be indicated by the excitement conveyed in his early tweets, or was he simply defending himself against some street toughs?

One thing’s for certain — these two men will never ask to bum a cigarette from a stranger again. Can you blame Gracie’s actions? Especially with the price of a pack in New York!

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