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Mimic Headband Photos From Jeremy Lin’s 'Chinkballa88' Xanga Page in 2004

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on February 11, 2012

Before Jeremy Lin was “Jeremy Lin: Baller of All Ballers and Internet Superstar” he was “Jeremy Lin: Chinkballa88 on Xanga.” It’s amazing what a search engine will turn up from our archived lives.

Much of Lin’s Xanga page from 2004 is now locked, but it’s open season on old photos on Google images. One such photo set you’ll find, in the style of Batting Stance Guy, consists of Lin mimicking the headband fashion of NBA players at that time (where have you gone, Brian Grant?).

Here’s the overviewto the whole photo set below: “ok, so yesterday, i slept from 7 pm to 10 pm and by the time midnight came around, i had way too much energy, so i did something stupid,” Lin wrote on Xanga. “i played around with a headband i found and tried to imitate nba players.”

“this is what a regular headband looks like on a sexy guy”

“this is derek fisher on the los angeles lakers with the headband covering the ears.”

That photo in particular is especially awesome considering what Lin did to Fisher during Friday night’s victory over the Lakers at MSG. When Lin wore his headband like Fisher in 2004, could he have ever imagined that he’d be doing this to him seven years later in the world’s most famous arena?

“ghetto and gangster, but sad! The only tournament that i could play in ended up being a disaster. But its ok, cuz now, alex and i are gb-ing!” (note: gb = game-battling)

“this is what marquis daniels on the dallas mavs looks like with a sideways ghetto headband.”

“there’s josh howard on the dallas mavs. he wears his headband jewish style…very very loosely.”

“there’s brian grant from the miami heat…girl style!”

Ahhh, the Internet: Where everything is forever, and nothing is not embarrassing.

You have to love how someone goes from that batch of photos to this:

Full faith and credit goes to @producermatthew for being a true Internet Sleuth.



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