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7 Quick Tips For a Merry Christmas

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By HVculture on December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas, folks. Nothing says Feliz Navidad like a Mexican Santa Claus and an adorable dog, so let’s start there.

Mexico Christmas
(AP Photo/Marco Ugarte)

Here’s a quick, handy guide on how not to ruin this holiday.

1. If you play Santa, stick to the chimney and lay off the eggnog.

2. Don’t sing how it’s the ♫ Most Apathetic Time of the Year


3. Don’t use the kids’ toys to get your rocks off.

Elf 8

4. Don’t forget to put on your ugliest Christmas sweater.


5. Don’t be the guy who puts the inches in Grinches.

6. Don’t be The Grinch That Stole iPads:

7. Don’t bum out the kids.

via David McCreath

And if you celebrate Festivus, this is for you.


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